As expected, Amazon has updated a Amazon Fire TV set-top-box with a raft of new technologies and facilities that not usually make it distant aloft to a indication expelled final year, yet it will also give Apple some food for thought.

With Apple announcing a new Apple TV usually a few days ago, Amazon was penetrating to indicate out that a new Fire TV is built on an existent ecosystem that already includes some-more than 3,000 apps and games permitted for it. And a latter is a large understanding for a company.

Indeed, as partial of a launch presentation, Amazon suggested a new games controller for a box that works over Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth to minimise latency. It also comes with a new headphone pier and a voice control button, so users can bellow commands during a box to get it to hunt for games, etc.

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But a title new underline of a updated Fire TV box – permitted to pre-order from currently for a 5 Oct smoothness – is that it is means of streaming 4K content. You will need a 4K Ultra HD TV, of course, and broadband that offers 15Mbps speeds or more, yet there are some-more than 100 pieces of 4K UHD video that will be permitted from day one.

Many of these will be cinema that even Prime owners will have to compensate additional to lease or buy, yet there will also be Amazon’s possess TV content, all permitted in 4K.

We had a proof of Elysium streaming in 4K during a Amazon London eventuality to uncover it off and we have to contend it was really considerable indeed. And it also worked good with a company’s ASAP feature, that ensures that calm starts to tide immediately after dire a button.

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Also to assistance with 4K streaming a Wi-Fi inside a new Fire TV has been bumped adult to 802.11ac, so is means to tide aloft bandwidth information wirelessly. To be honest, we’d always advise hooking it adult by a enclosed Ethernet pier ourselves, yet those who don’t have that choice should still get Ultra HD calm over a air.

Also new is a microSD label container that accepts adult to 128GB cards for enlargement of a on-board memory. This is quite acquire news for those who will download games as it gives a device some-more space to do so.

The user knowledge is matching to a prior box, yet there’s now a 4K calm menu. And a new 2GHz quad-core processor ensures it runs many smoother than before. The GPU has also been improved, with Amazon claiming that a whole chipset offers 75 per cent faster processing.

Finally, a remote control is improved than before too, with Wi-Fi connectivity instead of Bluetooth and longer battery life, with a explain of dual AAA batteries durability adult to a year of normal use.

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The same remote will also be permitted with a new Fire TV Stick that is entrance too. The Stick itself will be a same and Amazon will continue to sell a existent package, yet also permitted on pre-order from today, you’ll be means to get a chronicle with a new voice-control remote that costs £44.99.

The new diversion controller will be £39.99.

The categorical 4K box yet will be a many renouned we feel, generally as it will cost only £79.99 – a staggeringly low volume deliberation a competition. Finally, Ultra HD is permitted to all. And we approve.

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