P.T. demo

Due to a descending out between Konami and Hideo Kojima, Silent Hills was prematurely scrapped. To make matters worse, Konami even went as distant as removing a game’s “playable teaser” from a PlayStation Network Store. Unfortunately, those who didn’t keep PT safely stored in their PS4 tough expostulate would be denied a possibility to play a diversion again if they had deleted it. At least, that was a case. Thanks to a new process detected by Wololo.net, players can now re-download a diversion if they’re peaceful to put in a small effort.

In sequence to make this work, you’re going to set adult your PS4 to use your PC as a proxy. To do that you’ll need to download a module called SUWI. While you’re installing SUWI, leave all of a options ticked. Make certain to download an IP checker so that we can write down your IP address.

On your PS4, go to settings, afterwards network, afterwards set adult internet connection. Choose tradition setup and name a right network. After that, strike involuntary for IP residence settings, do not mention for DHCP horde name, name involuntary for DNS settings, involuntary for MTU settings, afterwards strike use for substitute server. After all of that, enter your IP residence and make certain to set your pier series to 808. Hit subsequent to finish a setup. Then go into your PS4 diversion library, find PT, and set it to download. Note that this process usually works if we had formerly downloaded PT. If we never had a diversion on your tough expostulate afterwards we are out of luck.

To find out some-more about a technical side of how this all works, make certain to check out Wololo.net’s detailed guide. Below, check out Eurogamer’s video walkthrough on how to get it all set up.

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