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Your Leia, my Leia

My niece and nephew are 6 and 4, respectively, a same agse my sister and we were when we initial saw “Star Wars” during a drive-in museum in 1980.

I don’t remember a universe though a universe far, distant divided and conjunction will they. Much like my possess childhood, scarcely all my nephew owns — T-shirts, pajamas, lunch boxes, sneakers — has been intoxicated with Luke, or Darth Vader, or Darth Maul, or that all-caps STAR WARS logo.

Presumably, a same will go for my niece now that Disney has seen fit to reintroduce Princess Leia behind into a fondle lineup forward of a new movie, that reportedly facilities an array of clever women in vital roles.


But to be honest, a ubiquity of “Star Wars” in a subsequent generation’s lives creates me a bit sad.

Don’t my niece and nephew merit their possess culture-shifting film as against to unconstrained regurgitations of a cinema that tangible my childhood? Don’t they get to have something large and new and iconic of their own, rather than being perplexed by — and serf to — light-sabers and a Death Stars as we was?

This line of meditative lasts about as prolonged as it takes for me to excitedly bucket “The Wizard of Oz” into a DVD actor on film night.

Because it turns out, there is something very, really smashing about being means to couple your possess childhood so clearly with a childhood of a children we caring many about. To, even in tiny ways, erect their perspective of a universe on a identical informative horizon to a one that still defines your own.

To trust that, even in a fast-changing world, where each era has a possess obsessions and low-pitched styles and apps and even most a possess language, we can have some of a same touchstones — and penchant a mutual shivers of expectation when that intense Lucasfilm trademark appears on a screen.

Having such a durable, common enlightenment allows we to travel behind and onward between your possess self during 6 and a 6-year-old to whom we are now explaining a ultimate supremacy of Princess Leia to all others (when we quietly forked out Princess Leia was bossy, “bossy” ceased to be an insult lobbed during my niece by her comparison brother), creation all aged new again in astonishing ways.

Like so many others who grew adult with a initial installments (I consider we can all determine to negligence a prequels), we have seen a cinema so many times, they’ve roughly ceased to have definition to me. They are simply permanent low grooves in my mind that we tumble behind into thoughtlessly.

But what I’ve detected saying it all for a initial time again by 6-year-old eyes, is there is, after all, a reason we desired these characters so sexually when we was a child, and have continued to do so since. we can see it in my niece and nephew’s faces, and in that of my 5-year-old goddaughter, when we watched a films for a initial time this year.

The stories only make clarity and align ideally with a child’s perspective of a world. “But Luke won’t kill Darth Vader,” my nephew pronounced to me reassuringly a initial time we watched “Return of a Jedi. “That’s his father and he loves him.”

Up until then, I’d lost there was a time when a outcome was ever in question.

And so, a day they were offering for presale, we bought us all tickets to go see a new film. At this indicate my niece and nephew are so cued into a significance of “Star Wars” to all of us that after we got indignant about a miss of Princess Leia toys on store shelves final Christmas, they ceaselessly unit them on my interest alerting me to new additions.

The other day on FaceTime, my nephew — a member of a era to whom life though a Internet is about as relatable as life though electricity — asked me if we suspicion a new “Star Wars” would be “appropriate” for him. we assume this is a word he’s picked adult from attempts to download games on my sister’s phone.

“Of course,” we said, not carrying indeed deliberate a doubt before, though holding comfort and not a small volume of fun in a fact we’d be means to find out, for a initial time, together.

MacNicol lives in Brooklyn.

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